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Buy KTM RC 200 On EMI & Zero Downpayment

For many, owning a vehicle is a symbol of independence. In modern India, teenagers are in a rush to purchase the perfect bike. Purchasing a bike for the first time is a thrilling step into the world of motorcycling. Whether you’re looking for a reliable mode of transportation or a weekend hobby, owning a bike offers freedom, adventure and a sense of community.  As a first-time buyer, it can be overwhelming to navigate the various options available on the market, but with the right research, you’ll be able to find the perfect bike to suit your needs and preferences. 

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the open road on two wheels? Look no further than the KTM RC 200, a sleek and powerful sport bike that’s sure to turn heads. You’ll be impressed by the advanced features and responsive handling of the KTM RC 200, making it the perfect choice for both city streets and open highways. With its lightweight construction and eye-catching design, the KTM RC 200 is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s a statement. So gear up, rev your engine and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

While the idea of purchasing a motorcycle may be exciting, the reality of saving up for such a big purchase can be difficult. The process of amassing cash for a large purchase requires cutting back on unnecessary expenses. However, Finnable makes the process of purchasing a motorcycle more manageable. Finnable offers KTM RC 200 on EMI which allows buyers to purchase their dream motorcycle with ease. With EMI, the total amount of the purchase is divided into smaller, more manageable payments spread over a period of time. The buyers can pay back the amount in easy instalments. Moreover, Finnable offers KTM RC 200 zero down payment option for the Two Wheeler Loan to make the loan application process simpler and less stressful. If you are eligible, you can get the entire bike’s value without paying anything.

Why Should You Buy a KTM RC 200 On EMI?

When considering a purchase, financing options often dominate your thoughts. The thought of saving a large amount of money for the payment can be overwhelming. However, Finnable’s KTM RC 200 EMI option is the solution to this problem. You no longer have to wait for an extended period of time to own your dream scooter. Finnable’s KTM RC 200 on EMI allows you to own the scooter within your budget, eliminating any unnecessary costs. There are several reasons why Finnable’s KTM RC 200 EMI option is the best choice for those looking to purchase a bike.

– Convenience: Buying a bike on EMI allows you to spread the cost of the bike over a period of time, making it more affordable and easier to manage. Instead of paying the full amount upfront, you can pay a smaller amount each month in the form of EMIs. This allows you to maintain a healthy cash flow and budget for other expenses. Moreover, you are not obliged to make any kind of RC 200 down payment  with Finnbale’s vehicle loan. 

– Flexibility: Finnable offers flexible EMI options that can be tailored to your budget and needs. It gives you two options for repayment: a fixed EMI plan and a flexible EMI plan. You can choose the EMI amount, tenure, and interest rate as per your convenience. This allows you to select an EMI plan that best suits your financial situation.

– Zero down payment: Finnable offers 100% financing, which means you don’t have to make any KTM RC 200 down payment. This is a great benefit for those who may not have a large amount of cash saved up for a down payment.

– Interest rates: At Finnable, you can obtain vehicle loans at the most affordable interest rates. Your loan obligations can be fulfilled at any time and from any location as the entire process is digital.

– Easy documentation process: Finnable has a simple documentation process that makes it easy to apply for an EMI. The process is streamlined and hassle-free, which allows you to focus on the more important things like choosing the right bike and planning your rides. Finnable also has an online platform where you can check your application status and upload your documents.

KTM RC 200 EMI Calculator

Before applying for a KTM RC 200 EMI Calculator on EMI, why not be a little more certain about your EMI loan and its interest rate?

  • Loan EMI

    Rs. pm

  • Total Interest Payable


  • Total Amount Payable


Calculating the monthly EMI for a loan can be a daunting task, but with Finnable’s KTM RC 200 EMI Calculator, the process becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to hours spent on laborious manual calculations and hello to a streamlined, efficient process. Our online tool takes into account three crucial factors: the total loan amount, the interest rate, and the loan term. With just a few simple inputs, our calculator quickly and accurately calculates your monthly payments in just three easy steps.

Loan Amount: In Finnable’s RC 200 EMI Calculator, input your preferred loan amount or the rate of the scooter. Deduct the initial down payment for KTM RC 200. For two-wheelers, the maximum amount you can enter is Rs 2 lakh.

Interest Rate: Input the monthly interest payment amount. If you don’t have a fixed amount set aside, you can change the numbers until you get a set amount that suits you.

Tenure (Months): Select the number of months for which you are willing to make payments for the interest.

KTM RC 200 Key Specifications & Features

Key Specifications Key Features
Emission Type: BS6
Front Suspension: WP APEX 43
Max Power: 25PS@10000rpm
Rear Suspension: WP APEX - Monoshock
Engine Displ.: 199.5 cc
Tyre Size: 150/60 - 17
Fuel Type: Petrol
Wheel Type: Alloy
Gear Box: 6 Speed
Odometer: Digital
ABS: Dual Channel
Tachometer: Digital
Tyre Type: Tubeless
LED Tail Light

KTM RC 200 Price List

KTM RC 200 Variants Price in India (2023)
KTM RC 200 STD (199 cc)
₹ 2.37 Lakh
KTM RC 200 GP Edition (199 cc)
₹ 2.14 Lakh

How to Buy KTM RC 200 On EMI With Finnable?

Setup Profile

Set up a profile via the Finnable website or by downloading the personal loan app from the Play Store and providing your contact information.

Choose Type of Loan

Choose the type of loan and enter the amount needed. Select an EMI plan that works best for you.

Check Eligibility

You can check your eligibility for the loan, by simply submitting our eligibility check form.

Submit Documents

Submit the required documents.

Congrats! Your bank account will be credited once the documents have been validated.

Loan EMI Calculator

KTM RC 200 Loan Eligibility Criteria

Documents Required for KTM RC 200 Loan

FAQs About KTM RC 200 EMI & Down payment

Finnable gives its customers the option of making no down payment. It offers a zero-down payment, which means you incur no costs upfront. So, you can buy your RC 200 without worrying about having to shell out a significant sum of cash. Instead, the lender covers the complete sum; you must then repay it through Finnable's EMI.

The EMI for the KTM RC 200 loan with a loan amount of ₹ 2,15,000 is ₹ 7,141 per month, computed at 12% for a 36-month term. To find the best financing alternatives, use Finnable’s EMI calculator on our website.

At Finnable, our two-wheeler loan interest rate ranges from 16% to 28%, depending on the customer's income, occupation, and credit history. Through the use of our convenient two-wheeler loan interest rate calculator, you can quickly find the best rate that fits your needs.

You need not be apprehensive about missing your EMI payments. All you need to do is give authorization for the EMI. Upon approval of your loan, the amount will be seamlessly debited from your bank account.

Contact our Customer Service at makeiteasy@finnable.com for more updates. (You will receive a response within 24 hours.)

There are three primary factors that determine the loan amount and associated interest rate: income, employment status, and credit history.

Upon submitting your loan application and documents online, you can expect the funds to be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours, once your loan application has been verified by Finnable.