Personal loan in Bangalore

Being a key center of information and technology, Bengaluru or Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. The capital city of Karnataka is also known to be a start-up hub in the country. With opportunities in various industries on the rise, many job seekers are now migrating to Bangalore to explore countless opportunities. 

However, like in most metro cities, the cost of living is rising. This means that there may come a time when job seekers may be unable to meet the rising expenses and face a cash crunch. Instead of dipping into their savings, applying for a personal loan in Bangalore can help overcome the cash crunch or financial emergency. 

To avail of the best personal loans in India, residents can apply for Finnable’s personal loan through their personal loan app. With the funds from this instant loan in Bangalore, they can take a vacation, plan a wedding, cover any medical emergency, and pay for home renovation as well.

Required Documents

To apply for an instant loan in Bangalore, applicants must submit the following documents: 

  • Identity proof: Applicants have to submit their PAN card as proof of identity.

  • Proof of residence: Applicants have to submit their Aadhar Card as proof of residence.

  • Income proof: Since the applicant is a salaried employee, he/she must submit the salary slip for 3 months to show proof of income.

  • Bank statement: The applicant must have a 3-month bank statement via email or should be able to access it through net banking. The bank statement acts as proof to show the lender that the salary is credited into a valid account and is not received as cash.

How to apply for a personal loan in Bangalore?

Applying for an instant loan is relatively easy and can be done in 3 easy steps. To avail of an instant personal loan from Finnable, borrowers do not need to visit any branch and can apply through their personal loan app. To apply:

Step 1: Download the personal loan app and create your profile. Enter your personal and professional information.

Step 2: Choose the type of loan, the loan amount, and the loan tenure.

Step 3: Upload your PAN card, Aadhar card, salary slip, or bank statement.

Once these documents are verified, the loan amount will be credited into the applicant’s bank account. 

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