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Personal Loan in Udaipur

Popularly known as ‘The City of Lakes,’ Udaipur is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in India. The city is also known for its diverse economic base. Udaipur was also selected in the list of the first 20 cities to be developed as smart cities. This means that there will also be a growth in the standard of living among its residents. 

However, to fulfill your needs, you will need liquid funds. Though everyone does not have access to cash at any given point, availing a personal loan in Udaipur can assist in fulfilling your needs and goals. 

As an unsecured loan, you can get a personal loan through Finnable’s personal loan app. Rs. 10 lakhs is the maximum amount you can borrow at personal loan interest rates starting at 16%. 

As for the duration of the loan, you can choose a short-term loan starting at 6 months. If you prefer a long-term loan, it can be a maximum of 5 years.

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Personal Loan Eligibility

To get an instant loan, you will need to meet the eligibility for a personal loan. The eligibility includes:

  • Nationality: As per norms, only Indians can apply for a personal loan in Udaipur.
  • Age: 21 is the minimum age while 45 years is the maximum age limit for individuals looking to apply for a loan.
  • Employment: You will need to have a full-time employment either in a private or government company.
  • Duration: This job should be held for more than 3 months.
  • Work experience: You will also need to have more than 6 months of total work experience.
  • Income: As a Tier-I applicant, your monthly income should be more than Rs. 20,000/-. As a Tier-II applicant, the income has to be more than Rs. 15,000/-. 
  • Receipt: Income should be credited to the bank account every month.

Required Documents

The documents you need to submit will include:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Income slip for 1 month
  • Bank statement
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How to get a Personal Loan in Udaipur?

To get a collateral-free loan, you need to follow the following process. These loans from Finnable are online personal loans. Hence, you will need to download the personal loan app first. This is easily available on Play or App store.

  • Create a profile with your personal and employment details.
  • Set your terms; choose the loan amount and the tenure.
  • Upload the mentioned documents. 

Avoid skipping any information. This will help you get your information and documents verified quickly. Once this process is completed, the funds will be disbursed and credited into your bank account.

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You will need to have 3 factors and personal loan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI: the principal amount (P), personal loan interest rate (R) and the Tenure of the loan (N).

Once these factors are decided, you can calculate your EMI with the following formula:

EMI= Px Rx [(1+R)^N]/ [(1+R)^N-1]

Finnable provide Personal loan at 16% - 26% interest rate charges.

The paperless documentation and online loan application verification have reduced the loan approval time. Finnable provide instant loan approval and disbursed loan amount in 6 hours.