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Academic dreams may remain unfulfilled for so many reasons. However, if it is just because of the financially crunchy situation prevailing at that moment in families, then justifiably, helping hands must be there. Yes, the earlier you achieve your academic goals, the earlier you will progress in your career too. So, whether you are an industrial trainee or a management trainee, don’t shy away from taking an instant loan for students at the right moment. In fact, a student loan shall be a game changer in your life, provided you are going to plan your moves shrewdly ahead. 

Professionals in almost all fields today love to pursue academic certifications of excellence in their mainstream subject of occupation. This is only going to get them to the top of the ladder as earlier as possible. Allow your mentors to take sight of your corporate and personal academic feats achieved at the same time. That showcases how ambitious and multifaceted your personality you are. Here is the best opportunity knocking your doors to keep your giant foot forward.

Understand How to Apply for a Instant Student Loan

The cost of education is rising. This shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. Get an education loan with Finnable to pursue the education degree of your choice.  

Understand how to apply for a student loan along with the features, benefits, application process and more.

Where to Get Instant Loan for Students?

To put it point blank, Finnable is the best answer today to get instant loan for students. Funds for your higher studies need not be a stumbling block anymore if you wish to raise the bar in your academic level of excellence. Instant loan for students from Finnable comes as a boon now. 

Myth: When you don’t have any regular income as a student, is it possible for you to take a loan? 

Fact: Yes, in fact, you can get it done in a hassle-free way at affordable interest rates without any delay. The documentation work is minimal. Talk to our Finnable customer support staff here, and you will get to know how simple it is to find your gateway to success. Use the Instant Student Loan App and it becomes super easy to get money in your bank account shortly. 

While it is not easier for you to get a student loan in India just like that, Finnable has made remarkable arrangements for you to avail the loan ASAP. Students feel happier that they saw money hit their bank account in just about 6 hours’ time, after they submit the application through the instant student loan App. 

There are some criteria that you need to know about the eligibility and the methods by which you can get through the process quicker. Here we throw enough light on those essentials now.

Instant Student Loan App in India

With the increasing number of Smartphone users, the research minds of Finnable tech team came up with state-of-the-art mobile solutions for helping their student customers and prospects. You can choose to use the website, or if you are using a mobile phone to submit the application online, then the convenient option would be Instant Student Loan App. It is quite self-explanatory and gets your job done quicker than you would expect otherwise. Authorized NBFCs approve the app; hence, it is safe to use for all. 

Features of Instant Student Loan App

  • Interest calculators
  • Application for instant student loans
  • Help desk and self-explanatory design with dropdowns
  • Estimation of the loan  amount
  • Financial transaction

The instant student loan app will ask relevant questions about how much money you want to obtain and how you intend to utilize it. After you enter your statistics, the app will make lending advice based on your responses, and you may then decide accordingly ahead.

Features of a Student Loan

  • 100% digital: Our process to apply for a student loan is simple. You can apply for a student loan online as well as manage and repay your loan entirely online. All this without the need for actual/physical paperwork.
  • Quick loan disbursal: Our instant loans for students are disbursed in as quickly as 6 hours after approval.
  • Affordable interest rates: Borrowers can avail an education loan with attractive and affordable education loan interest rates.
  • Repayment flexibility: We offer flexible loan tenures with EMI plans of up to 60 months.
  • Data security: The whole process of applying and receiving the funds offers 100% data security to customers.
  • Simple documentation: To avail an education loan online from Finnable, we require minimal documents. We only ask for address proof, identity proof and salary proof/payslips for 3 months.

Eligibility of a Student Loan

To be eligible for a student loan from Finnable, the individual should:
  • Be a resident of India
  • Be employed full time in a private or government sector
  • Have minimum work experience of 6 months in total and more than 3 months in their current organisation
  • Have a salary of more than Rs. 25,000/- per month if living in a tier 1 city and Rs.15,000/- per month if living in a tier 2 city
  • Salary should be credited to the applicant’s bank account
Student Loan Eligibility

How to Apply for a Student Loan

Applying for an education personal loan is a simple and hassle-free process. At Finnable, our aim is to provide instant loans for students who wish to pursue higher education as well as to parents who want their children to opt for a degree or course of their choice. 

To apply for a student loan online, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Create your profile with Finnable, either on the website or personal loan app, by filling in the required personal details.
  •  Upload the required documents.
  • Select the loan amount and the tenure you wish to repay the loan and apply.

Thats all you need to do. Upon successful document verification, the funds will be credited in your account within 6 hours of approval.

Why Finnable for Student Loan?

Finnable is the best option preferred by students on a majority today for a few vital reasons. In a word, they find it super convenient to deal with Finnable. Experienced staff precisely knows what the student would expect. That is why they have taken the initiative to come up with digital solutions to make life easier for loan applicants. 

All Digital: 

Apply online, get approved online, get money online and pay back online. No one comes to know anything about how you got the money and where it comes from as you sit in your comfort zone to get things done and how you want them to be. 

Instant cash: 

It is just like recharging your account with fresh money. Yes, the loan is approved just within 6 hours, and money is transferred to your account right away. 

Rate of interest: 

The noble initiative is not only to lend money but also to support education for the youth in India. So, naturally, the interests are not as higher as you may expect in the case of overseas payday loans. 

Tenure to repay: 

Take time to repay in sixty months. There are EMI plans too. 

Data security:

All the personal data collected are held in high servers in an encrypted format. All of the information obtained from the prospects or the existing clients will be maintained with a high degree of confidentiality. 


Income proof for three months, identity proof and address proof are sufficient attachments to send with the loan application. After scrutiny, your loan gets approved.


Imagine the amount of money you would need to pay for the University Fees, exam fees, accommodation, books, and research material expenses and other essentials. This financial requirement will not be a limiting factor to fulfilling your dreams to come up with flying colors. Apply for the loan, study well, grow and pay back promptly. That helps you as well as the others who would use this system and become your successors. Download the Finnable Instant Student Loan App now.

Education is a stepping stone to success. With Finnable education loans, you have the freedom to select and study the course and university, without having to worry about finances. This education loan can be used to pay your tuition fees, take care of your accommodation and help with sundry expenses including the  purchase of books and reading material. What’s more? Our entire process is online, requiring minimal documentation. Student loans are disbursed within 6 hours of loan approval. All this with attractive interest rates, choice of tenure between 0 to 60 months and 100% data security

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