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Applying for an instant personal loan has become a simple and easy process. Instead of visiting offices and branches of a financial institution, borrowers can now apply for loans via a personal loan app

Potential borrowers are usually hesitant to use any kind of genuine loan app. However, Finnable has created its loan app keeping in mind the needs of its customers. 

People who need funds can use this online instant loan app to apply for a wedding loan, a travel loan, vehicle loan, home renovation loan, education loan, medical emergency loan,  etc. 

This app is 100% safe and secure. People looking for funds can apply for loan through instant personal loan app, no matter where they are.

Personal loan App

Personal Loan App Benefits:

Availing a loan via a personal loan app has a multitude of benefits: 

  • The entire process is quick and easy.
  • It is 100% safe and secure to avail a loan through the online loan app.
  • Applicants can check their EMI using the EMI calculator, which is in-built into the instant money loan app.
  • Applicants can avail a loan through the personal loan app from the comfort of their home, office, or while on the move. 

Eligibility To Get A Personal Loan Through App:

To avail a personal loan, the applicant has to meet all the eligibility criteria: 

  • The applicant has to be between the age of 21-45 years of age.
  • He/she must be a citizen of India.
  • At the time of application, he/she must be working in a private or government company.
  • The income received should be more than Rs. 20,000/- per month for a Tier-I applicant and more than Rs. 15,000/- for a Tier-II applicant.
  • The salary should be credited to the applicant’s bank account and not received in cash.


People who require a loan can avail themselves of an immediate personal loan through Finnable’s personal loan app.

  • Finnable’s personal loan app works in 3 simple steps:
    The applicant will first have to download the personal loan app and create a profile by adding in their personal and professional details. 
  • Next, choose the type of loan, amount, and tenure
  • Upload the required documents. 

 Before applying for a personal loan through an app, the applicant should consider:

  • The total loan amount that can be availed
  • Personal loan interest rate
  • Maximum loan duration
  • Availability of a personal loan EMI calculator
  • Ease of access
  • Additional costs attached to availing a personal loan

 Please write to your personal loan assistant at for any support. 

Finnable’s loan app is easy to use. Applicants can avail a loan of up to Rs. 10 lakhs at affordable interest rates through the personal loan app.

Finnable disburses online instant personal loans within 6 hours of document verification.

Any financial organization that disburses personal loans needs to be registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Finnable is one of the fastest-growing financial technology (Fintech) start-ups with an NBFC license from RBI, providing hassle-free loans.

 Finnable has partnered with RBI authorised & regulated NBFCs/Financial Institutions. Our policies and services are fully  regulated and legally compliant.

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