Riding into the Future: Budget-Friendly E-Bike Options for Eco-Friendly Commuting Best Electric Bikes/Motorcycles in India


As the world shifts towards sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation, electric bikes (e-bikes) have emerged as a popular choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking an efficient and green commuting solution. In this blog post, we will explore a range of budget-friendly e-bike options available in the Indian market, providing an overview of their ex-showroom prices and key specifications. Let’s embark on a journey to discover affordable and environmentally conscious electric bike models that offer both performance and savings.

1. Revolt RV400 – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.29 Lakh – Range: 150 km/charge

The Revolt RV400 is a budget-friendly electric bike known for its sleek design and impressive range per charge. Priced competitively, it offers an excellent balance between affordability and performance, making it an attractive choice for urban commuting.

2. Ultraviolette F77 – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 3.80 Lakh – Range: 307 km/charge

While the Ultraviolette F77 is positioned at a slightly higher price point, its extensive range and advanced features make it a worthy investment for those seeking a premium e-bike experience. The F77 is designed for riders who prioritize both performance and sustainability.

3. Oben Rorr – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.49 Lakh – Range: 200 km/charge

The Oben Rorr is an affordable electric bike that doesn’t compromise on range. With a sleek design and a range of 200 km per charge, it offers an enticing option for riders looking for an e-bike that combines style and efficiency without breaking the bank.

4. Tork Kratos R – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.37 Lakh – Range: 180 km/charge

The Tork Kratos R is a budget-friendly e-bike that delivers a commendable range of 180 km per charge. Known for its agility and performance, it caters to riders who seek an affordable yet dynamic electric bike for their daily commute.

5. Komaki Ranger – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.85 Lakh – Range: 200 km/charge

The Komaki Ranger is an e-bike that strikes a balance between affordability and an impressive range of 200 km per charge. Its sturdy build and efficient battery make it an excellent choice for riders looking for durability and value for money.

6. Joy e-bike Beast – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 2.42 Lakh – Range: 110 km/charge

The Joy e-bike Beast offers a unique blend of affordability and compact design. While its range is slightly lower compared to some counterparts, it remains an attractive option for urban commuting, where shorter distances are common.

7. One Electric Motorcycles Kridn – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.35 Lakh – Range: 110 km/charge

Positioned as an economical choice, the One Electric Motorcycles Kridn offers an affordable entry point into the world of electric bikes. With a range of 110 km per charge, it caters to the needs of riders with shorter daily commutes.

8. Orxa Mantis  – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 3.60 Lakh – Range: 221 km/charge

The Orxa Mantis, while positioned at a higher price point, compensates with an impressive range of 221 km per charge. Its premium features and performance capabilities make it a compelling option for riders with a higher budget.

9. Matter Aera – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.73 Lakh – Range: 125 km/charge

The Matter Aera is a budget-friendly electric bike with a focus on urban commuting. With a range of 125 km per charge, it caters to riders looking for an affordable and efficient solution for their daily travel needs.

10. Odysse Electric Evoqis – Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 1.71 Lakh – Range: [Range information not provided]

The Odysse Electric Evoqis completes our list, offering an affordable electric bike option. Unfortunately, specific range details were not provided. It’s recommended to check with the manufacturer for precise information.


These budget-friendly e-bike options open up a world of possibilities for riders seeking economical and eco-friendly commuting solutions. From affordable models like the Revolt RV400 to the premium Orxa Mantis, there’s an electric bike for every budget and preference. As we navigate towards a greener future, these e-bikes pave the way for sustainable and cost-effective commuting without compromising on performance and style. Choose the e-bike that aligns with your budget and join the revolution of eco-friendly mobility.


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