Personal Loan Assistance in India: Tips, Contacts, and More

When you’re in need of assistance with your personal loan, having access to the right resources is crucial. One such resource is the personal loan customer care number. The personal loan customer care number is your direct line to the lender’s support team, where you can get answers to your queries, resolve issues, and seek guidance on your loan. To make things convenient for you, we have provided the personal loan customer care number along with other contact details so that you can reach out whenever you need assistance with your personal loan.

Once you have chosen the bank you want to contact, follow this step-by-step procedure to get your issues addressed and resolved in time:

Step 1- Dial the Number: Dial in the customer care number for the financial institution that provided your personal loan or the one you’re considering. Usually, this number can be found on the lender’s official website, loan documents, or statements.

Step 2- Follow the Automated Menu: When you call, you may encounter an automated menu system. Listen carefully to the options and select the one that best suits your inquiry, such as ‘Personal Loans’, ‘Loan Account Information’, or ‘Customer Service’.

Step 3- Verification Process: Be prepared to verify your identity. The customer care representative may ask for personal details like your name, date of birth, loan account number, or other identifying information to ensure security.

Step 4- Ask Your Questions: Once connected to a customer care representative, ask your questions or state your concerns clearly and concisely. Be sure to provide any necessary context or details to help them assist you effectively.

Step 5- Clarify Doubts: If you don’t understand something or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to ask. Customer care representatives are there to assist you, and they can provide explanations or additional information as needed.

Step 6- Follow Up: If the representative promises to take specific actions or provide further information, be sure to follow up if you do not receive a response within the promised timeframe.

Step 7- Feedback: If you have feedback about the customer service experience, whether positive or negative, consider providing it to the financial institution. Feedback helps companies improve their services.

Personal Loan Customer Care Numbers of Indian Banks

Here is a list of all of the most popular banks in India providing personal loans and assistance in India and their respective contact information:

Top Banks Contact Numbers
HDFC Customer Care
1800-202-6161 / 1860-267-6161
ICICI Customer Care
1800-1080 / 1860-120-7777
SBI Customer Care
Toll-free: 1800-1234 / 1800-2100 / 1800-11-2211 / 1800-425-3800Toll Number: 080-26599990
Axis Bank Customer Care
1860-419-5555 / 1800-419 - 5577 / 1860-500-5555
IDBI Customer Care
1800-209-4324 / 1800-22-1070
Kotak Mahindra Bank Customer Care
Personal Loan Team- 1860-266-2666
Bank of Baroda Customer Care
Punjab National Bank Customer Care
Toll-free: 1800-1800 / 1800-2021 / 1800-180- 2222 / 1800-103-2222Toll Number: 0120-2490000
Union Bank Customer Care
All India Toll-free: 1800-222-244 / 1800-222-243 / 1800-208-2244 / 1800-425-1515
YES Bank Customer Care
IndusInd Bank Customer Care
022-685-77777 / 022-440-66666 / 022-4220-7777 / 1860-267-7777
Bank of India Customer Care
Toll-free: 1800-220-229 / 1800-103-1906
Canara Bank Customer Care
IDFC First Bank Customer Care
For personal loans: 1800-10-888

Note that not all banks have specific contact numbers dedicated solely to personal loan borrowers of the bank. However, once you get on the line with a customer care agent, they will surely be able to aid you in your inquiry.

Tips for a Successful Customer Care Experience

#1: Prepare Adequately:

  • Before contacting customer care, gather all relevant information and documents related to your inquiry or issue.
  • Have your account details, order number, or any necessary identification handy.

#2: Choose the Right Channel:

  • Use the most appropriate communication channel for your inquiry. This could be phone, email, chat, or a self-service portal. If you have time and are not facing any emergency, you can contact the customer care via email or messaging.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet or phone connection for smooth communication.

#3. Be Clear and Specific:

  • Clearly articulate your issue or question in a concise and specific manner.
  • Avoid providing unnecessary details that might complicate the explanation.

#4. Listen Actively:

  • Pay attention to what the customer care representative is saying and ask for clarification if needed.
  • Take notes during the conversation to remember important points.

#5. Ask for Name and ID:

  • Politely request the representative’s name and employee ID for reference.
  • This information can be helpful for follow-up or providing feedback.

#6. Document the Interaction:

  • Keep a record of the conversation, including the date, time, representative’s name, and a summary of what was discussed.
  • This documentation can be valuable for future reference.

#7. Know Your Rights and Policies:

  • Familiarise yourself with the company’s policies, terms, and conditions related to your inquiry.
  • Having this knowledge can empower you to better advocate for your needs.


Efficiently navigating personal loan assistance in India entails a straightforward process.  Refer to the provided list of contact numbers for major Indian banks offering personal loans. Remember that while not all banks may have dedicated numbers for personal loans, the customer care representatives are always equipped to assist you. To optimise your customer care experience, follow the tips given above. Armed with these insights, we are sure you can confidently navigate your personal loan assistance journey.

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