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Personal Loan in Guwahati

Situated next to the mighty Brahmaputra river, Guwahati is one of the biggest cities in the state of Assam. For tourists, the city is a treasure trove of ancient history. If you read more about the city, you will see that the people living here have a high standard of living and high quality of life.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that its people are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their needs are met, including taking a personal loan. 

If you are in need of funds, an instant loan through Finnable can be the solution to this problem.  They have an online loan app, available in the play store, which can be used to apply for a personal loan in Guwahati

There are many benefits to taking an instant personal loan online. First, no collateral against the loan amount is required. Second, the documents required by Finnable are minimal and can be uploaded on the app itself. 

Third, the entire loan process is 100% digital. Right from application to disbursal, you can get all the information and status updates online. If you have doubts or queries at any point, there is a personal loan assistant available to help you.  

Rs. 10 lakhs is the maximum amount you can apply for as a personal loan in Guwahati

Personal Loan Eligibility

Here’s the list of eligibility for a personal loan:


Sr No

Eligibility Question



Who can apply? 

Any Indian national can apply for a personal loan in Guwahati


What is the age limit? 

21 years should be the minimum age of the applicant and the maximum age limit is 45 years of age. 


What about employment?

You should have a full-time job.


I am self-employed. Can I apply?

You will need to be employed in a government or private company. A self-employed person cannot apply for a personal loan through Finnable yet.


I joined my job 6 months ago. Can I apply?

You need to show you have held your current position for more than 3 months. You also need to have work experience of a minimum of 6 months. 


What should be my minimum salary?

If you live in a Tier-I city, you should receive Rs. 20,000/- as monthly income. For a Tier-II applicant, the income should be Rs. 15,000/- per month


I get paid in cash. Is that ok?

You will need to get your salary credited in a bank account and not receive it as cash. 

Required Documents

You will have to submit the following documents when you intend to get an instant personal loan:

Sr No


Document to be submitted


Proof of identity

Your PAN card will act as proof of identity and age. 


Proof of nationality

The Aadhar card submitted will be proof of nationality as well as residence.


Income proof

Salary slip for 1 months.


Income receipt proof

3 months’ bank statement.

How to apply for Personal Loan in Guwahati?

How can you apply for the loan? As mentioned, the process is 100% digital and you can start by downloading the personal loan app.

  1. Create your online profile. Add your personal and professional details.
  2. Choose the type of loan, the amount, and tenure. Set the terms of your personal loan. 
  3. Upload the documents. 

The papers will be verified and within 24 hours, the funds from the loan will be credited into your bank account.

Upgrade your life!

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The personal loan interest rate is the commission or cost applicable on the principal amount of your loan that is charged by the lender. APR or annual percentage rate is the total interest that is applicable on the loan, throughout the year. This also includes any processing fees, documentation fees, etc. charged by the lending agency.

To improve your CIBIL score to get a personal loan you can:

  • Pay your dues on time.
  • Avoid defaulting on any payments.
  • Maintain a good credit mix.
  • Avoid making frequent loan or credit card inquiries.

There are multiple pros and cons of personal loan prepayment. The benefits include:

  • Repay the loan quickly 

  • Saving on the interest amount to be paid

  • Reduction of the debt

  • Positive effect on the CIBIL score

Benefits of an education loan from Finnable include:

  • It is an unsecured loan. This means there is no need for any collateral to be pledged.
  • You do not need to submit any college admission papers when you apply for an education loan.
  • You can get a loan of up to Rs 10 lakhs. 
  • Your loan tenure can be for 5 years.