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Buy Tata Nexon On EMI & Zero Down payment

The costs of petrol have skyrocketed beyond our imagination along with other financial charges. And because of this many of us who are planning on buying a new car are facing troubles. But the cost of cars has always been high enough that made us adjust our budget constantly. And now because of inflation, the, even more, higher costs demand our wallets to squeeze out as much money as possible.  However, the awesome features of this luxury four-wheeler can cost you up to Rs. 14.5 lakhs, which is why it is wise to buy a Tata Nexon on EMI. With a car loan from Finnable, you get to purchase your dream car as soon as possible and pay the cost over a longer period of time.

And if you’re planning on purchasing a Tata Nexon, then efficient planning becomes necessary. And with Finnable, you can achieve your dream of owning a vehicle of your choice within just a short period of time. Finnable also offers you zero down payment for your car when you apply for our vehicle loan. So that you can go on a solo trip or with your family whenever you want without any worries.

Why Should You Buy a Tata Nexon On EMI?

The first and most important reason is that EMI for Tata Nexon lets you manage your budget according to your finances. With our Tata Nexon EMI calculator, you can check the amount you will have to pay every month before applying for the loan. 

Another crucial reason to consider buying a Tata Nexon on EMI is that we provide low-interest rates. At Finnable, we keep the customer’s affordability in mind when we are setting up the interests for repayment so that you receive the best rate that matches your budget. 

Another reason is that when you choose to get a loan from us, there’s zero down payment on your dream car. The cost of your car can be covered in the amount of the loan you wish to take. 

Since the process of applying for a vehicle loan at Finnable is digital, you won’t have to bother with going to the branch. You can easily apply for the loan online on our website or through our app.  

We, at Finnable, can help get you vehicle loans for both second-hand and brand-new vehicles at the most attractive interest rates with top-notch financial services. So, if your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase a new Tata Nexon then you can get a second-hand one as well.   

When you get a loan from us, your loan transaction is recorded. And if you pay your EMIs on time, you can increase your CIBIL or credit score. This will help you in getting a loan with ease in the future.

Tata Nexon EMI Calculator

Before applying for an Tata Nexon on EMI, why not be a little more certain about your EMI loan and its interest rate?

  • Loan EMI

    Rs. pm

  • Total Interest Payable


  • Total Amount Payable


Finnable’s Nexon EMI calculator shows you the exact calculated amount you need to pay every month for the amount of loan you take. This will encourage finance management and reduce a lot of your stress.

Our Tata Nexon EV EMI calculator does the EMI calculations based on the loan amount, the rate of interest, and the tenure of the loan. You just have to follow these three steps to get the results from the calculator. 

When you land on our website’s Nexon EV EMI calculator, first, you have to enter the desired loan amount or the amount of the vehicle you’re purchasing in the ‘Loan Amount’ field. 

Next, you have to go to the ‘Interest Rate’ field and fill in the amount of interest that you wish to pay every month. Do remember to choose the interest rate wisely, so that you can make the payments on time according to your budget without hampering the other necessary expenses of your life. 

The last field you have to fill in is the ‘Tenure Field’. Here, you fill in the months for which you will be paying the interest. You can select your desired repayment period from one year to 7 years for four-wheelers, depending on your convenience.

After you enter the information in all the respective fields, you will receive the results instantly. And you can change the values in the fields accordingly until you reach your desired amount.

Tata Nexon Key Specifications & Features

Tata Nexon has many models available in three options; petrol, diesel, and automatic. Apart from the various petrol and diesel-based car models, Tata Nexon also has an EV(Electric Vehicle) model called Tata Nexon EV Prime.

Tata Nexon XE key specifications & features Tata Nexon EV Prime key specifications & features
It provides an ARAI mileage of 17.57 kmpl
It has a battery capacity of 30.2 kWh
The fuel type is petrol
It produces a max torque of 245 Nm
It gives a max torque of 170 Nm at 1750-4000 rpm
The model’s range is 312 km
Its engine displacement is 1199 cc
The body type is SUV
It provides a max power of 118.36 bhp at 5500 rpm
The max power is 127 bhp
The seating capacity is 5
The seating capacity of Tata Nexon EV Prime is 5
Its body type is SUV
Boot Space is 350 litres

Tata Nexon Price List

Tata Nexon Price by Model
Tata Nexon XE - Rs. 7,69,900
Tata Nexon XM - Rs. Rs. 9,99,900
Tata Nexon XMA - Rs. 9,34,900
Tata Nexon EV Prime - Rs. 14,99,000

How to Buy Tata Nexon on EMI with Finnable?

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Set up a profile via the Finnable website or by downloading the personal loan app from the Play Store and providing your contact information.

Choose Type of Loan

Choose the type of loan and enter the amount needed. Select an EMI plan that works best for you.

Check Eligibility

You can check your eligibility for the loan, by simply submitting our eligibility check form.

Submit Documents

Submit the required documents.

Congrats! Your bank account will be credited once the documents have been validated.

Loan EMI Calculator

Tata Nexon Loan Eligibility Criteria

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FAQs About Tata Nexon EMI & Down payment

At Finnable, we are known for our data and financial security. The information you enter on the website or the app is securely transferred to the lenders through a safe and strong network connection. Hence, the website and the app, both are highly safe to apply for and receive your vehicle loan and other services. We are a registered NBFC licensed by RBI. And because of this, we are amongst the top authentic sources for loaning and other financial services.

The vehicle loan interest rate for car loans varies from 16 to 28%. They depend upon the occupation, income, and credit history of the applicant. There are two types of interest rates; flexible interest rate and fixed interest rate. And generally, interest rates for car loans are fixed.

At Finnable, we offer up to 10 Lakhs of funding that you can avail of in terms of a four-wheeler loan. The loaning process with us is super easy. As the process is completely digital, you can swiftly apply and get your loan granted with just a few clicks and the loan amount will be transferred into your bank account as quickly as 2 hours.

Yes, absolutely. We have a personal loan assistant that can help with any queries you have. We aim to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience. You can write to your personal loan assistant at makeiteasy@finnable.com for any support.

The EMI amount depends on the principal amount of the loan, the rate of interest applicable on the loan amount and the loan tenure selected by you. All these factors determine the actual amount of EMI that one needs to pay each month against the availed vehicle loan.

Don’t worry, it will not. Whatever dream vehicle you wish to buy, you can get a loan for it with us. The loan amount, tenure, number of payments, and interest rate, all of these depend on the cost of the vehicle you want the loan for. Do remember that many times it depends on the lender too! Some charge high interest for luxury cars while others charge low interest for them as the amount is high. At Finnable, we provide affordable interest rates for our customers.