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Short Term Loan

An urgent financial crunch can crop up at any time for anyone. During such emergencies, one has the option of dipping into their savings and compromising on regular expenses. At times like these, a short-term loan can help, without upsetting your regular expenses or savings. Loans can either be short-duration loans or long-term loans. When the tenure of the loan ranges between 6-18 months, they are classified as a short-term loan.

Borrowers can use funds from a short-term personal loan for a multitude of requirements. Reasons for availing an instant short-term loan can be a medical emergency, planning a wedding, education or travel. It can aid in solving any financial shortfall that the borrower may face.

Borrowers can apply for short-term loans online through Finnable for their personal needs. The process is quick and easy and they can avail up to Rs 10 lakhs as a short-term personal loan.

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Loans are taken for different purposes for individuals. The loan is meant for financial upliftment and support for an individual where he or she requires capital or just financial strength as a tool for growth. A short-term loan is a form of loan taken out to meet a brief demand for funds on the part of the borrower or their business. Here at FINNABLE, we help you to take loans for any tenure between 6 to 60 months, which means you have a time of five years to repay the loan you have taken. For small enterprises or start-ups that aren’t yet qualified for a bank credit line, a short-term loan is a useful choice. Smaller borrowing amounts—from 50,00Rs to 10lakhs—are involved in the loan. 

Short-term loans are appropriate for both individuals and organisations who have a brief, unexpected cash flow problem. Short-term loans are problem solvers in the realm of finance, and so are we. We offer you a varied range of short-term loans at very affordable interest rates. Anyone can experience a sudden emergency financial situation at any time. One may choose to use some of their savings during such circumstances while making compromises on routine spending. A short-term loan can be helpful in these situations without affecting your usual expenses or savings. There are two types of loans: short-term loans and long-term loans. Short-term loans are defined as those with terms of six to sixty months or less.

A short-term personal loan can be obtained by borrowers and used for a variety of purposes. An immediate short-term loan could be used for a medical emergency, wedding planning, education, or travel. It can help the borrower deal with any financial problems they may be having. Through FINNABLE, borrowers can apply for short-term loans for their individual needs online. They can get a short-term personal loan for up to Rs 10 lakhs, and the procedure is quick and simple. With our online hassle-free finance solutions, you can take short-term loans for your various needs and repay at your convenience with easy EMI schemes. FINNABLE is the most trusted personal loan app in India, now serving thousands of customers with round-the-clock financial support.

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Education Loan

Learning is earning. Don’t let a lack of money stand in the way of your future if that is what you believe in. One of the best methods to advance one’s job and life goals is through education. Get an education loan from FINNABLE to pay for your tuition and other expenses so that you can continue to learn and develop your skills. Apply for a student loan online through FINNABLE to pursue the education you’ve always desired, whether in India or overseas.

Medical Loan

Unexpected medical emergencies do happen. It might be brought on by lifestyle decisions, environmental influences, or a hidden problem. Good healthcare services and enough money to pay for medical treatments are required in an emergency because healthcare expenses in most cities are rising. Therefore, instead of stressing about money or using up your savings during a crisis, why not ask for a medical loan? FINNABLE is here to help you in your medical emergencies with utmost care and easy loan approvals in short-term medical loans. 

An unsecured personal loan, known as a “medical loan” can be used to cover medical-related costs. This sum can be used for any medical purpose, including covering medical debt, purchasing medications, or paying medical professionals’ fees. You can pay for all such costs more easily if you get a medical loan. You can get assistance from FINNABLE when you require a medical loan. At FINNABLE, we prioritise your health above all else and offer you a simple, rapid loan for medical procedures so that your medical care does not suffer from a lack of funds.

Shopping Loans

One must occasionally make purchases or upgrades. Such demands include the need for a new air conditioner, a larger refrigerator for an expanding family, or even a new laptop for a youngster to use for school.

There are usually great offers available while shopping online. Due to the fact that your income hasn’t yet been credited, you shouldn’t have to pass up on such opportunities. So why wait? Get a loan for shopping. A shopping loan is a form of loan that can be used to pay for your shopping expenses, as the name suggests. It is a specific category of unsecured personal loans. You are not required to put up any security against a loan for shopping, as is the case with all unsecured loans. FINNABLE helps you with such personal expense-based loans also as short-term loans. 

You can shop online as well as at physical stores with the money from a shopping loan. Obtaining a shopping loan from FINNABLE is simple. Through FINNABLE’s personal loan website or app, borrowers can apply for a loan for shopping.

Travel Loans 

You may use a personal loan to pay for your upcoming vacation, did you know that? When you want to tour the world but are concerned about your finances, a travel loan is an efficient option to get money.

FINNABLE provides you with the necessary money as a travel loan so you may organise your upcoming ideal vacation with your family or friends, whether it’s a honeymoon, a family trip with your kids, or a solitary trip. Unsecured personal loans include travel loans. If you don’t have enough money for your planned trip, you can apply for a loan so you can explore your preferred vacation spots and travel while paying it back in manageable installments. The procedure is simple and quick. Applying for a travel loan online gives you quick access to the money. Your travel loan will cover all of your expenses, including airfare, visa fees, insurance, hotel lodging, and internal travel. With a quick and simple travel loan from FINNABLE, you may arrange the trip of your dreams and literally visit every corner of the planet.

Vehicle Loans

Are you thinking about getting a car for yourself? Whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, you may buy the car of your dreams with a vehicle loan from FINNABLE.

You can purchase the new or used car of your choice with a vehicle loan from FINNABLE. Have you had your eye on that motorcycle you’ve always wanted to possess or that hatchback or sedan you and your family require? Get your car of dreams and requirement with the best vehicle loans given by FINNABLE.

Marriage Loans 

Together Forever: With a Marriage Loan from FINNABLE, you can make your ideal wedding a reality. Everyone enjoys their special day, so it only makes sense that you would want to make your wedding unforgettable. Just like you had envisioned, start your “Together Forever” adventure with your partner. FINNABLE provides marriage-specific short-term loans in a few clicks and at the best possible interest rates so that your special days do not fail to become special under any circumstances.

You wouldn’t want to let a lack of funds limit your ability to arrange the wedding of your dreams. With our personal loans for marriage, FINNABLE enables you to make wonderful moments a reality without having to worry about money. You can put the money from your marriage loan to any purpose you see fit, such as a wedding venue, clothes, banquet, or honeymoon destination.

How to Get Instant Short-Term Loans?

With FINNABLE on your smartphone, getting any sort of instant, short-term loan is easier than ever. You just need to follow the simple steps given below,

  • To begin, sign in to FINNABLE’s official website or personal loan application.
  • Register yourself with FINNABLE to gain credit.
  • After submitting all the necessary information, you will have a registered FINNABLE account that will allow you to use all of our credit services for the rest of your life. All that is left to do is choose the type and quantity of loan you need, fill out the application, and attach the necessary paperwork. Based on the fundamental data you provide, the app or website will then display the loan eligibility, including the eligible rate of interest and length.
  • The application form after uploading the required documents to us and you are all set for your required short-term loan. We will receive your documents through the online procedure and once verified you will be credited the loan amount to your submitted bank account which you usually use as your salary account.


FINNABLE is the best choice for smart Indians to take their smart loans, we provide an attractive, affordable rate of interest for all our credit services and the whole process is online and hassle-free. This means you need not visit any office, do any paperwork or request anyone. Just with a few simple steps, you can log on to FINNABLE and apply for your next loan. Usually, we take a couple of hours to approve and grant the loan amount.

  • Personal loan assistance – If you need assistance, contact your personal loan assistant at makeiteasy@finnable.com. We want your experience to be seamless and trouble-free. We are committed to providing you with the best service.
  • High Loan Amount – With FINNABLE you can avail of the best amounts required for your needs that too for a customizable tenure. We take care of your finance as nobody else does. Apply for a personal loan with the least amount of paperwork possible to receive big loan amounts of up to Rs. 10 lakhs. The loan term may range from six to sixty months.
  • Get loans quickly – With only a few clicks and a few simple papers, you can rapidly apply for a personal loan and have the funds sent into your account in as little as two hours. Everything about the process is digital. We can proudly say that we provide financial assistance round the clock and on an urgent basis. Because of zero paperwork, we are proudly seamlessly serving our customers.

Short Term Loan features

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Instant Personal Loan

Get Rewards

Timely EMI payments makes you eligible for a cashback of upto Rs. 200 per month. At Finnable we are the first in the industry to reward you to pay on time and improve your credit score.

Personal Loan Assistant

Get loans quickly

Apply for a personal loan in a few clicks by submitting only a few basic documents and get the loan money transferred in your account as quickly as 2 hours. The entire process is 100% digital.

High Loan Amount

High Loan Amount

Apply for personal loans with minimum documentation and get high loan amounts of upto Rs.10 Lakhs. The loan tenure can be anywhere between 60 months.

Get rewards

Personal loan Assistant

Please write to your personal loan assistant at makeiteasy@finnable.com for any support. We aim to provide you a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Get rewards

Get Rewards

Timely EMI payments makes you eligible for a cashback of upto Rs. 200 per month. At Finnable we are the first in the industry to reward you to pay on time and improve your credit score.

Instant Personal Loan

Get loans quickly

Apply for a personal loan in a few clicks by submitting only a few basic documents and get the loan money transferred in your account as quickly as 2 hours. The entire process is 100% digital.

High Loan Amount

High Loan Amount

Apply for personal loan with minimum documentation and get high loan amounts of upto Rs.10 Lakhs. The loan tenure can be anywhere between 6 and 60 months.

Personal Loan Assistant

Personal loan Assistant

Please write to your personal loan assistant at makeiteasy@finnable.com for any support. We aim to provide you a seamless and hassle-free experience.
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Personal loans can be used for multiple purposes- to fulfil your desires or meet urgent financial needs. This is why we bring you a range of products to suit your needs and desires.

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Short Term Loan FAQs

You can apply for an instant short-term loan online through Finnable’s app or website. All you need to do is create your profile, fill in the required details, upload the documents required, enter your loan amount and submit your application. If everything is in order, you can get a short-term loan within just 6 hours of submitting your application.

Anyone who is facing a financial crunch and can repay a loan within 12-18 months can apply for a short-term loan.

The advantages of short-term loans include quick disbursal when you require funds immediately, flexible tenure, and does not require a credit score at the time of application.

Finnable provides short-term personal loans of up to Rs 10 lakhs.

Borrowers can apply for instant short-term loans online. Once they are eligible for the short-term loan, the following documentation needs to be uploaded: 

  • Identity proof in the form of a PAN card or Aadhar card
  • Address proof in the form of an Aadhar card
  • Salary slips for 1 months from the current organisation
  • Bank statement of the salary account. The borrower must submit this in physical form or online, or be able to access it through net banking.

Before proceeding with the short-term loan application, the applicant has to meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • At the time of applying for a short-term loan, the applicant needs to be working in a private, public, or LLP organization. 
  • Total work experience should be more than 6 months while being employed in the current organisation for more than 3 months. 
  • Present salary should be more than Rs 25,000.
  • The salary should be credited to a bank account.

Short-term loans and advances can have a repayment tenure of 6-18 months.

Interest rates on short-term loans are similar to other personal unsecured loans. At Finnable, we provide the best short-term personal loans at attractive interest rates. Our short-term loan interest rates start from 16%-26%. 

Though Finnable does not mandatorily ask for a credit score, borrowers can avail a higher amount with a short-term personal loan at lower interest rates if they have a high credit score

Short-term loans and advances work exactly like other unsecured personal loans. To be eligible for an instant short-term loan, you will need to be employed in a public or private company for at least 3 months, having a minimum salary of Rs 25,000. You will need to upload your PAN card, Aadhar card, salary slip, and bank statement at the time of application.

One can apply for Short-term loan in 4 simple steps: 

Step 1: Visit Finnable’s website or download the Finnable Personal Loan app.

Step 2: Register yourself and create your profile by entering the required personal as well as professional details.

Step 3: Choose a personal loan for women and enter the amount required.

Step 4: Upload your documents and you will receive the funds for your loan after 6 hours of approval.

Through the FINNABLE app or website, you can submit an online application for an immediate short-term loan. You only need to create your profile, provide the necessary information, upload the appropriate documents, enter the loan amount, and submit your application. After submitting your application, if all goes according to plan, you should receive a short-term loan within six hours.

Anyone in financial distress who can repay a loan within 12-60 months can apply for a short-term loan. With a decent CIBIL score, you can expect the approval of a short-term loan.

  • The applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria before proceeding with the short-term loan application:
  • When applying for a short-term loan, the applicant must be employed in a private, public, or LLP organisation.
  • Total work experience should be greater than 6 months, with at least 3 months in the current organisation.
  • The current salary should be greater than Rs 15,000.
  • The pay should be deposited into a bank account.

Borrowers can apply online for instant short-term loans. Once they have been approved for the short-term loan, they must upload the following documentation:

  • Identity verification in the form of a PAN or Aadhar card
  • An Aadhar card serves as proof of address.
  • Salary slips for one month from the current organization's salary account's bank statement. The borrower must submit this in paper form or online or have access to it via net banking.

The key advantage of a short-term loan is less liability, and no guarantee deposit is required. The benefits of short-term loans include quick disbursement when funds are needed immediately, flexible repayment terms, and the absence of a credit score at the time of application.

FINNABLE provides different sorts of short-time loans with different tenures, but it can be from 6 to 60 months of a loan. The amount can vary from 50 thousand to 10 lakhs.