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Buy KTM Duke 200 On EMI & Zero Down Payment

As technology is advancing, so are our vehicles. To please our thrilling hearts, bikes are becoming not only more stylish, but also come equipped with a host of new features. This trend is exemplified by the presence of the KTM Duke 200. From an advanced mode called Supermoto mode to upgraded rear brake pressure, KTM Duke 200 is a trailblazer in more than one way. However, with these high-end features also come increased prices. Worry not, with Finnable, you can now realize all your motorcycle dreams by buying a KTM Duke 200 on EMI. Moreover, you can predetermine your EMIs and loan tenure using the Duke 200 EMI calculator. Therefore, you can ride with style without any financial strife.

You can purchase the KTM Duke 200 on EMI with Finnable and your bike’s price will be covered in our loan, so you won’t have to pay any down payment either. And the process is easy as well, which means you can purchase not just the KTM Duke 200 but any vehicle of your choice.

Why Should You Buy a KTM Duke 200 on EMI?

  • The main reason to consider buying a KTM Duke 200 on EMI is that you don’t have to repay the loan all at once, therefore, you won’t have to pay all the amount for your bike at once either. And with our Duke 200 EMI calculator, you can check the number of instalments and the amount you have to pay every month when applying for the loan. 
  • At Finnable, we provide affordable interest rates for you. We keep in mind the various financial situations of our customers when we set up the interest rates for repayment. So, when you purchase your KTM Duke 200 on EMI with us, you can avail the best interest rate according to your budget. 
  • Another great benefit is that we offer you zero down payment for your bike. When you apply for a vehicle loan with us, the cost of your bike can be covered in the amount of the loan you wish to take. 
  • Since the process of applying for a vehicle loan at Finnable is digital, you won’t have to bother with going to the branch for applying, for payments or any queries. You can easily apply for the loan online on our website or through our app.
  • We, at Finnable, can help you get vehicle loans for both second-hand and brand-new vehicles at the most attractive interest rates with top-notch financial services. So, if you don’t have the money for a new bike then you can get a second-hand one as well.

KTM Duke 200 EMI Calculator

Before applying for an KTM Duke 200 on EMI, why not be a little more certain about your EMI loan and its interest rate?

  • Loan EMI

    Rs. pm

  • Total Interest Payable


  • Total Amount Payable


Finnable’s KTM Duke 200 EMI calculator produces the exact EMI amount which you need to pay for your loan amount. The duke 200 EMI will let you organise your financial expenses accordingly.  

Our KTM Duke 200 EMI calculator does the EMI calculations based on the loan amount, the rate of interest, and the tenure of the loan. To use our calculator, you just have to follow these three steps. The first thing you have to do is enter the desired loan amount or the amount of the vehicle you’re purchasing in the ‘Loan Amount’ field. 

Next, you need to fill in the amount of interest that you wish to pay every month in the ‘Interest Rate’ field. Do remember to choose the interest rate wisely, so that you can make the payments on time according to your budget without hindering other necessary expenses of your life. 

The last field you have to fill in is the ‘Tenure Field’. Here, you fill in the number of months/years during which you will be paying back the loan amount along with the interest. You can select your desired repayment period from 6 to 60 months.

After you enter the information in all the respective fields, you will receive the results instantly. And you can change the values in the fields accordingly until you reach the amount you want.

KTM Duke 200 Key Specifications & Features

The KTM Duke 200 is available in two colors; Electronic Orange and Dark Silver Metallic.

KTM Duke 200 Specifications:
It is powered by a 199.5 cc engine.
The engine generates a power of 18.4 kW at 10,000 rpm
It produces a torque of 19.3 Nm at 8000 rpm.
The KTM 200 Duke has Disc brakes in the front and rear.
It has Tubeless Tyres and Alloy Wheels.
The engine type is Single Cylinder, 4 Valve, Liquid Cooled, FI, DOHC.
The fuel it runs on is petrol.
Its emission type is BS6.
It has a 6-speed gearbox.

KTM Duke 200 Price List

Price Across Top Cities
The on-road price in Delhi is Rs. 2,20,029
The on-road price in Mumbai is Rs. 2,24,335.
The on-road price in Bangalore is Rs. 2,50,212.
The on-road price in Ahmedabad is Rs. 2,21,012.
The on-road price in Kolkata is Rs. 2,22,490.

How to Buy KTM Duke 200 on EMI with Finnable?

Setup Profile

Set up a profile via the Finnable website or by downloading the personal loan app from the Play Store and providing your contact information.

Choose Type of Loan

Choose the type of loan and enter the amount needed. Select an EMI plan that works best for you.

Check Eligibility

You can check your eligibility for the loan, by simply submitting our eligibility check form.

Submit Documents

Submit the required documents.

Congrats! Your bank account will be credited once the documents have been validated.

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FAQs About KTM Duke 200 EMI & Down Payment

The EMI amount for your loan depends on the principal amount of the loan, the rate of interest applicable on the loan amount and the loan tenure selected by you. All these factors determine the actual amount of EMI that one needs to pay each month against the availed vehicle loan.

The vehicle loan interest rate for two-wheeler loans at Finnable ranges from 16% to 28%. They depend upon the occupation, income, and credit history of the applicant.

There are numerous reasons why we are the best choice for you, 

  • We grant time duration
  • There’s a high two-wheeler loan bar of up to 10 lakhs
  • There’s no bar for car loans
  • There’s minimal documentation
  • We provide quick and convenient online processing

Don’t worry, it will not. You can purchase any vehicle you wish to. Because the loan amount, tenure, number of payments, and interest rate, all of these depend on the cost of the vehicle you want the loan for.

There are three main elements that influence the amount of loan and interest rate.

  • Income
  • Employment Dynamics
  • Credit History

After submitting your loan application and documents online, you will receive the amount in your bank account as fastly as 24 hours when Finnable verifies your loan application.