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Personal Loan in Mangalore

The need for financial aid can crop up at any given time. Choosing to opt for a personal loan in Mangalore can be a wise decision. 

With Finnable, you can apply for a quick personal loa. If you need funds urgently, all you need to do is fill out an application form, set your terms, and upload your documents. 

Why choose a personal loan instead of borrowing from friends or family:

  • Personal loans are disbursed faster. Even if you can avail of a loan from your relatives, it does not mean that they have liquid funds available at all times.
  • It is an unsecured loan. It means that there is no need for any asset to be pledged.
  • The paperwork is minimal, which reduces the hassle that goes into a traditional loan application process. 
  • You can apply for an online personal loan.
  • Any salaried individual can apply for a loan from Finnable.
Personal Loan For Salaried

Personal Loan Eligibility

If you are considering applying for a personal loan in Mangalore, the first thing you need to do is check your eligibility for a personal loan. You will have to meet all the terms as set by Finnable:

  • Only an Indian citizen can apply for instant loan.
  • You will need to be a minimum of 21 years of age. The maximum age limit to apply for a loan is 45 years.
  • Having a full-time job in the private or government sector is a must.
  • You should have held this job for at least 3 months. 
  • Apart from this, you should also be able to show that you have a minimum of 6 months of work experience.
  • Your monthly income should be more than Rs. 15,000/-.
  • The income should not be received in cash. There needs to be a direct credit into your account. 

Required Documents

To be approved for personal finance in Mangalore, you will need to furnish these documents:

  • For your identity proof, you need to have a PAN card.
  • As proof of citizenship and residency, you will need to have your Aadhar card.
  • Salary slips for 1 months from your current organisation. Without proof of salary, your instant personal loan application will be rejected. 
  • You can also upload your bank statement for 3 months.
Personal Loan in Calicut

How to apply for Personal Loan in Mangalore?

The days of filling multiple instant loan applications are gone. You can just apply through a personal loan app:

  • You will need the personal loan app. This is available in Play Store or App Store.
  • Create your profile. Fill out your personal and professional details.
  • Select the type of loan you are looking for. It can be a wedding loan, vehicle loan, or any other personal loan.
  • Set your terms. Choose the amount you need. You can apply for a personal loan of Rs. 50,000 or choose a higher amount. Set your loan tenure as well.
  • Upload all the documents as requested. 

If you miss out on any details or do not have any documents, your personal loan application will be incomplete and you will not be able to get the funds you need.

Upgrade your life!

Apply for a loan at Finnable and live limitlessly


You can get a personal loan of Rs. 50,000 by filling out an instant personal loan application on Finnable’s personal loan app. 

Personal loan benefits include:

  • No security
  • Quick disbursal
  • 100% digital process
  • Minimal documents
  • The maximum amount of Rs. 10 lakh can be availed

The various types of personal loans available at Finnable include:

  1. Vehicle loan
  2. Marriage loan
  3. Education loan
  4. Medical loan
  5. Home renovation loan
  6. Vehile Loan
  7. Travel loan
  8. Shopping loan
  9. Ashirwad loan. 

Personal loan interest rates in Mangalore start at 16% up to 26%.

You can get a personal loan with low CIBIL Score through Finnable. If you are an existing customer, you will need to show that you have at least 675 as your CIBIL score when applying for a new loan. 

The personal loan tenure at Finnable starts at 6 months. The maximum loan tenure is of 60 months