Refrigerator on EMI

A refrigerator is an essential appliance that keeps our food fresh, preserves perishables, and provides us with chilled beverages. However, purchasing a refrigerator is easily affordable for everyone, especially when considering budget constraints. This is where the option of buying a refrigerator on Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) comes into play.  

Let us explore the benefits of purchasing a refrigerator on EMI and find out the excellent cooling features you can avail of with a personal loan.

Why Buy a Refrigerator on EMI?

  • Financial Flexibility 

Buying a refrigerator on EMI allows you to spread the cost of the appliance over a specific period, providing financial flexibility. Instead of making a lump sum payment, you can pay in affordable monthly installments, making it easier to manage your budget. 

  • Wide Range of Choices 

Refrigerators come in various sizes, styles, and features to cater to different needs. By opting for a refrigerator on EMI, you gain access to a wide range of options from top brands. Whether you prefer a sleek and compact single-door refrigerator or a spacious and feature-packed double-door model, taking a loan for a refrigerator ensures that you can choose the features that suit your requirements and preferences. 

  • Upgrading to Advanced Features 

Refrigerator technology has advanced significantly, offering innovative features that enhance convenience and efficiency. Buying a refrigerator on EMI allows you to upgrade to a model with advanced features without putting a strain on your finances.  

Things to Look for When Buying a Refrigerator on EMI

When considering purchasing a refrigerator on EMI, there are several desirable features that the loan can help you acquire.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy-efficient refrigerators are designed to consume less electricity, resulting in reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. By getting a refrigerator on EMI, you can invest in a model with high energy efficiency ratings.

Smart Connectivity 

With technological advancements, refrigerators now offer smart connectivity features. These include Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen displays, and smartphone integration. Smart refrigerators allow you to control temperature settings, manage grocery lists, receive alerts, and even stream music or videos. By purchasing a fridge on EMI, you can explore models with ultramodern and smart features.

Storage Flexibility 

Refrigerators come with various storage options to accommodate different types of food and beverages. Adjustable shelves, customisable compartments, and flexible storage solutions make it easier to organise and access items. By availing yourself of a refrigerator on EMI, you can choose a model that offers ample storage space, versatile configurations, and specialised compartments.

Frost-Free Operation 

Traditional refrigerators require periodic manual defrosting to remove ice build-up. However, modern refrigerators offer frost-free operation, eliminating the need for manual defrosting and ensuring consistent cooling performance. Investing in a refrigerator loan allows you to select a model with advanced cooling systems that prevent frost formation.

Advanced Cooling Technologies 

Refrigerators now incorporate advanced cooling technologies to enhance food preservation and freshness. These technologies include multi-airflow systems, dual-cooling zones, and humidity controls. By opting for a refrigerator on EMI, you can explore models equipped with these advanced cooling technologies for better food preservation. 

Water and Ice Dispensers 

Many refrigerators come with built-in water and ice dispensers, providing convenient access to chilled water and ice cubes. These dispensers can be plumbed or non-plumbed, depending on your preferences and the availability of water connections in your kitchen. With a refrigerator on EMI, you can choose a model with this desirable feature, adding convenience to your daily routine.

Therefore, by availing yourself of a fridge on EMI with a personal or shopping loan, you can select a model with desirable features, enhancing your overall kitchen experience and making your daily life more convenient.

How to Calculate Your Refrigerator Loan EMI?

To determine the EMI amount for your refrigerator loan, Finnable provides an easy-to-use online loan EMI calculator. Here’s how you can calculate your refrigerator loan EMI using the online EMI calculator: 

  • Input the loan amount using the slide bar. Select the total amount you require to purchase your desired bike. 
  • Select the loan tenure, that is, the number of months you wish to repay the loan. 
  • Enter the interest rate. Many lenders have competitive interest rates, which will be provided during the loan application process. Enter the applicable interest rate in the Refrigerator loan EMI calculator.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button. The EMI calculator will process the information provided and display the monthly EMI amount you will need to pay for your refrigerator loan.


Buying a refrigerator on EMI provides a convenient and affordable way to own this essential home appliance without straining your budget. Trustworthy loan providers ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of a new refrigerator with flexible loan options, competitive interest rates, and exceptional customer service. You can use Finnable’s EMI calculator to determine your loan terms according to your preferences. Upgrade your kitchen and keep your food fresh with a refrigerator on EMI and make your purchase both practical and financially manageable. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Absolutely! Many lenders often convenient EMI options specifically designed for purchasing refrigerators. You can choose from a wide range of refrigerators and enjoy the flexibility of easy monthly installments.

 By opting for a refrigerator on EMI, you can enjoy multiple benefits. Firstly, you don't need to make a lump sum payment upfront, making it easier on your finances. Additionally, you can choose the repayment tenure that suits your budget, and the interest rates are competitive. 

Applying for a refrigerator on EMI is simple and convenient. You can visit our lender’s website or physical to begin the application process. Fill in the required information, submit the necessary documents, and choose the desired EMI plan. The lender will review your application and provide a prompt decision. Once approved, you can select your preferred refrigerator and proceed with the purchase.

Yes, many loan providers also provide the option to prepay or foreclose your refrigerator loan before the loan tenure is complete. 

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