How To Check Cibil Score?

CIBIL score is a numeric representation of an individual’s financial history and it is a statement of your creditworthiness. CIBIL score analyses the applicant’s income, expenses, credit history, borrowings, and the repayments on the borrowings. You must, therefore, check your Score to get to know your creditworthiness. The credit score will also affect your standing with banks and NBFCs when it comes to them lending you money. Apart from that, if you have a lower score, corrective measures can be taken to fix it and improve your CIBIL score.

CIBIL score ranges between 300-900. The ideal score an applicant can get is 675 and above.

With Finnable, you can check your credit score report free of cost.

  • How to check a CIBIL score online?
    You can check your CIBIL score online by visiting Finnable’s website. You will need to enter your personal details along with your PAN number. 


  • What does a high and low CIBIL score decide?
    High CIBIL score helps lenders decide a borrower’s creditworthiness. With a high CIBIL Score and report, there is a higher chance of the borrower getting his loan or credit card application approved with lower interest rates. A high CIBIL score and report will also help when it comes to availing of higher loan amounts or a credit card with a higher credit limit from a bank or an NBFC.


  • What are the benefits of a high CIBIL score?
    • You can avail a personal loan of a higher amount.
    • Lenders can approve loans with a lower interest rate.
    • Borrowers can have a flexible repayment schedule.


  • How can I get my CIBIL score for free?
    With Finnable, you can check your credit score free of cost. Log on to Finnable, enter the details required and get your free CIBIL score and report. 


  • Why is my CIBIL score not getting generated?
    • If there is an error in imputing your data or informatio
    • You have not availed any credit in your name
    • Delayed payments are done by you during your repayment month
    • Incorrect account name
    • No PAN or bank details


  • How does a hard or a soft inquiry impact your credit score?
    Every inquiry, hard or soft, will impact your credit score. Lenders perform a credit check when you wish to avail a personal loan or a credit card. The result of these inquiries can affect your credit score, depending on your past credit history and behavior.  

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